Who might you be?

Do you sometimes worry about how the Earth and the living conditions might be in the future? Do you feel sad, frustrated, or perhaps angry when you see people, especially children suffering from famine and poverty? How about environmental catastrophes, destroyed land areas, plastic oceans, and suffering wild and domestic animals. All the wrongdoing creates a threat to our children’s future.

You are thinking about starting to live sustainably but are not sure what to do. When checking out eco-gurus, you might admire the efforts they take but simultaneously feel overwhelmed and powerless. Should you go above and beyond to be able to have an impact? Should you now become a zero-waste vegan and turn your family’s lifestyle upside down? Maybe your closest people or family members don’t share your feelings about the importance of protecting the Earth, and you experience belittling or resistance.

You’re in the right place.

I am here to support your choice and willingness to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I promise to remind you about the importance of it when you get frustrated. I share your concern and everyday challenges where time, money, and energy are limited. I will show you where and how you have opportunities to take action towards sustainability and why it is worth it.

Hang in there; the future needs every action we can take to support the Earth, and you are an essential part of it all.