The purpose

The purpose of the “For the Earth and Us” -blog is to empower you to stay on your track towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Maybe you are a beginner who has just woken up to our environmental situation, or perhaps you have already made some changes in your life. It is not always easy to figure out what to do because life happens so often, and sometimes moving from day to day can feel like a struggle. Other people are not necessarily supportive of your ideas or ideology. You might desire to do more, but you are not with clarity, how and what. Time and money are not limitless either. Possibly the struggles slow you down with your intentions, and you begin to feel guilt or anxiety.

Here you will find clarity, ideas, and tips on what to do and how to go forward with your sustainable lifestyle. You will get reminded why you chose to reach towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We all need encouragement, fresh thoughts, and support on our journey. Welcome, and let’s take action for the Earth and Us all!