About the writer

Your playing small does not serve the world.

Marianne Williamson

I am soon 40 years old mother, stepmother, and wife who deeply cares for the Earth. I have always felt a connection with nature. My childhood home had perhaps a bit greener values than the average. Additionally, the country I have lived the most of my life – Finland – has always appreciated nature and the environment relatively well.

I got my child in 2014, and since I have seen the threats around everything more clearly. I guess this happens to many of us -protective parental instincts seriously wake up. I realized that climate change and environmental problems are a direct threat to my child’s future. Of course, I had always worried about sustainability and tried to pursue it at some level. But after having my offspring, everything became more tangible. So I began to create some changes to my family’s everyday life. I began to seek more sustainability in our life, environmental knowledge, and understanding. I found many changes and solutions to be very easy to implement in everyday life, even though families with children are busy. In 2020, I experienced COVID from the roles of a healthcare worker and a patient. That was the final kick I needed because that time revealed the power of nature and human fragility. It was easy to see how fast this planet could thrive again if we just changed our lifestyles.

I am aware of the resistance and belittling that talking about sustainability and eco-lifestyles. I can understand some of the reasons and the difficulties. But I find it necessary for people to change – it is crucial for our existence. Even though my family’s journey to eco-lifestyle is still pretty green, I want to get loud about this and empower everyone who seeks support in their change. We need to heal this planet for our children and reduce the suffering happening around the world. It’s all doable, and it is not even very hard.

Thank You for being here, and all the best with your journey to a sustainable lifestyle!