Yesterday was Earth Day – What are you going to do today?

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Did you see companies and businesses advertising and publishing about Earth Day? Eco shops had sales and campaigns, and all the other companies tweeted, blogged, or linked about Earth and sustainability. Some of them genuinely cared; to some others, it was just greenwashing and a way to get positive attention. Politicians gave some promising announcements, promises were granted, and many individuals felt a tiny green spark in their souls.

Among the several positive impacts this movement has had since the 1970s, Earth Day creates awareness about Earth. Attention is the number one benefit. Sometimes it feels like so many people have forgotten where we live. Earth is a planet – a rock in space -and it provides this superior, self-supporting, and intelligent ecosystem. We have a privilege to benefit from it, but unfortunately, we are the only species intentionally destroying it. And so many do not want to change, support change or even give it a thought. Luckily, some do.

A lot is in our own hands

So many gave thought to this planet, nature, and sustainability on Earth Day. What is going to happen today? Will we keep on caring and observing? Will we pay attention to consumption, pollution, and greed? Will we consider eating fewer animal products, making eco-conscious choices, buying and consuming fewer unnecessities, saving energy, reducing the usage of plastics, recycling, and educating our children? Will we continue caring, or was it only for one day?

Earth Day, April 22, is only a birthday of a movement. We need Earth every day and should offer our support to it continuously. Our planet has the last word about our future, but a lot is in our own hands.

What is going to happen today?

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Featured Image: Lauris Rozentāls from Pexels
Seedling: Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay 

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