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It has been such an interesting yet sad and challenging week for many here in the States. Weather and climate have seriously been showing out their power. Pretty impressive weather phenomena have been happening around the world as well. Many people seem to believe that global warming would mean overall warming everywhere or coastal waters rising equally. But it is not so simple. It means extreme catastrophic weather events are becoming more frequent – ice and cold included. And while people have not prepared, the animals are not either. It is not only us that suffer. There is so much to learn and understand about this phenomenon.

I have not had time to write during my kid’s boring- nothing to do – winter break, but I have been giving a lot of thought to our environmental situation. Mostly about what people believe and know and if they are willing to take action accordingly. Additionally, I have dived even deeper into my own beliefs, choices around sustainability. My family is going to experience some additional changes, shall they notice those or not.

No change cannot be catalyzed or supported if we don’t know what people know, what they are willing to do, and what they hold as their priorities. So, last week I did create a short and simple survey about a sustainable lifestyle. I want to gather information from the perspective I believe matters the most. It would be great if you had time to answer! There are two options, one in English and another one in Finnish. You can give your answers in English, Finnish, or Swedish – if that feels more comfortable. I cannot identify the person replying, but I can see which country s/he is answering from.

Have a great weekend, enjoy nature if you can! I will spend some night hours at work. If you are in the middle of these snow, cold, flooding, no-power crises, I send you all the strength with solving things out.

If you want to refresh your knowledge about climate change, NASA has some great content for that!

Featured image: Gerd Altmann from  Pixabay
USA/GBR flag:  Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
FInnish flag: Pete Linforth  from Pixabay 

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