Light blue wood surface. On top of it, there are DIY skincare products in plastic-free bottles—some star and bare-shaped ocean shells as decoration.

My plastic-free skincare products.

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Plastic-free skincare products are very much available. No reason for ifs and buts anymore. No need to give up quality. I committed to this cause, and I found more sustainable replacement to every single product I used to have.

What does it mean to be committed to something? It is an agreement, pledge, or engagement to a promise or a cause. I blog about how our planet is in crisis. I write about how plastic and oil production has a huge role in environmental problems. I committed to getting rid of 90% of disposable plastics in our home. It does not mean I would dump or donate every plastic item we already have. That would be stupid and wasteful. Instead, I avoid buying new things made of plastics, and I have chosen to respect my decision. It includes all the skincare products. With this product group, the commitment means not buying anything that contains plastic, is packed in plastic, or is delivered in plastic. Additionally, I prefer vegan products and avoid palm oil. But the priority is to get plastic-free.

I order most of my products from EarthHero at the moment. I also do have an affiliate relationship with the company because I really do like them. As a shopping platform, EarthHero offers several different brands. Customers can choose their preferences – such as vegan, minimum plastic packaging, made in the USA, etc. I want to use a platform instead of buying directly from the manufacturer because I like to get more items and different types of products in one delivery. That reduces transportation pollution and saves energy and costs. Also, searching and choosing take less time when all the products are at the same place. At the moment, EarthHero ships only to the USA, but international shipping is coming soon.

Here is an introduction to the products I use. I hope these encourage you to search and ask for more from other brands. And by more, I mean more options, quality, and sustainability. The “made without -lists” have been copied from EarthHero’s descriptions.

Face wash

I use two different facial soap bars. The first one is Rose Bay Balancing Facial Soap from Earth Harbor. It is very gentle, and on a lazy day, I rub even my mascara off with that – though I am not sure that is recommended. The other one is MeowMeow Tweet’s Tea tree charcoal face soap bar. I use it for more problematic areas and when my skin needs more scrub or help. The bar has lasted forever.

Rose Bay: Contains no synthetic ingredients, GMOs, gluten, soy, toxins, fillers, animal testing, chemical additives, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, nanoparticles, mineral oils, or petroleum
Meow Meow Tweet: Palm-oil free, Gluten-free, No animal testing

Picture from EarthHero


I am still on hold with my plastic-free toner, as I forgot to order it last time. I avoid ordering single products, so it has to wait. I still have some oldies left. What I am going to test, however, is the Vegan face toner from Plain Products. Same thing as with their face moisturizer – the aluminum bottle is returnable. The ratings have been excellent with this product, so I do expect a lot from it.
Vegan, Palm oil-free, Hypoallergenic, No PEG, PG, Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances or Petrochemicals, Non-GMO.

Face Moisturizer

My moisturizer is the Vegan moisturizer from Plaine Products. The package is made of aluminum, and you can either recycle it or send it back to the company. There the bottle will get cleaned and reused. I prefer to send my bottles when the time comes. You can order a plastic pump to be used with the bottle, but I decided not to. There is no reason why I could not open the cap and get the product out without a pump – and it is not messy. The scent is very mild, the structure is light, and the lotion itself absorbs quickly. I have mixed skin type, and this product seems to be hydrating enough without increasing greasiness.

Vegan, Palm oil free, Hypoallergenic, No PEG, PG, Parabens, Sulfates, Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances or Petrochemicals, Nn-GMO

Picture from EarthHero

Spot treatment/mask

This is a Pimple mud from Fat and the Moon. I use this product as a spot treatment, and it really makes the pimples and redness disappear faster. For me, this really works! The metal lid and glass container are both recyclable. As you may know, aluminum and glass can get recycled forever and ever, unlike plastics.

Contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or toxins. Vegan and cruelty-free

Picture from EarthHero

Eye-cream/Beauty balm/Multipurpose cream

I have given up with the bags under my eyes…. Because I have had them since I was a child, I guess the only thing that would really help is surgery. And I am not quite ready for that yet. But, especially in the wintertime, when the wind makes eyes teary, the outer corners tend to get red or dry. Then I occasionally use Badger Damascus Rose Beauty Balm. The scent is a bit strong for my taste, so I prefer using this only in the evenings. I also use this balm for any dry spot on my skin. I like Badger as a brand – it is a small family-owned company from New Hampshire. I have some other products from them but will tell you more in the future.

No chemicals, synthetics, fragrances, parabens, or GMOs, BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Certified Gluten-Free

Picture from EarthHero


I am not a heavy consumer of deodorants. But I wanted my new one to be absolutely plastic and baking soda-free. So I ordered MeowMeow Tweet’s Rose Geranium baking soda-free stick. The package is compostable or recyclable. The texture of the product itself is “hard”. So, it feels like I need to really scrub the product into my armpits. But as it has not irritated my skin so far, this has not been a problem.
Palm Oil Free, Gluten-free, Aluminum-free, No Animal testing

Picture from EarthHero

I have not introduced any body-moisturizers because I have a lot of those left in my old reservoir. When the time comes, I am especially interested in the lotion bars. Those require even less packaging material than lotions and are space-saving.

Almost everything we use and need has a more sustainable alternative available. I think it is only an assumption that plastic-free or eco products are more expensive. It could be even the opposite. As an example, I have noticed that shampoo and soap bars last much longer than bottles. It is easy to stick with what we have used to use and buy. And exploring alternatives takes time. What works for one does not necessarily work for the other – but there are plenty of options. Remember, the more we ask for, the more we get. 

I hope my examples helped you to check out new options for your routines. From the Earth’s perspective, it is really worth it. Additionally, Earth-friendly product brands often pay attention to social responsibility and animal welfare. Set your priorities and begin your search! For the Earth and Us!

10% coupon code for EarthHero: FORTHEEARTHANDUS

Featured picture: dungthuyvunguyen from Pixabay 

Disclaimer: Please, remember to read the ingredient lists and product descriptions properly from the seller’s page! I won’t be held responsible for any changes within the ingredients or qualities of these products.


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