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We can do a lot for the Earth without consuming any extra time or effort. With the products and services, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, and opportunities to take action. On the other hand, we are often stuck with routines, and if we are not unhappy with what we have, we prefer to buy or order what we are used to. I have noticed that my imagination has been lazy, so I am always glad if someone points out new and better options for me.

This time, I wanted to introduce the Pela Case to you. It is a 100% compostable, light, and durable cell phone case, and it will be shipped to you in recyclable and compostable packaging.

One of the raw materials of Pela Case is Flax straws, which are leftovers after the seeds have been harvested. The supported cell phone brands are iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, and Huawei, and the styles and colors are many. Pela is also Climate-neutral certified, and as a member of 1% for the Planet, it donates for the causes for oceans and coastlines.

“Only a cell phone case!” it’s easy to think. But for that exact reason, I wanted to highlight it! Our lives are built of small things, “onlies,” but all those together create the bigger package – the experience, lifestyle, and impact. Our little choices are the ones that form sustainability. They are only single straws, plastic bags, buckets, toys, and fishing lines that end up in our oceans, and suddenly it is not “only one” anymore.

If you need a new phone case or any related accessories, I recommend you check Pela! You can send your old case to them for recycling or reuse, no matter which brand it was. The cardboard envelope for that purpose is the same one your new case was sent to you! Pela also has international shipping for free to almost every country.

Pela Cases are now also available from EarthHero (with a bit lower price.)
Coupon FORTHEEARTHANDUS gives you 10% discount.

The compostable envelope which you can use when sending the old phone case to Pela.


  1. “we are often stuck with routines, and if we are not unhappy with what we have, we prefer to buy or order what we are used to.”
    This is so true! The best way to break such a tendency in ourselves is to be imaginative and put in the effort just once; it’ll become a new routine in no time.
    As far as others are concerned, get them eco-friendly gifts! You never know which gift can change their lives to become more sustainable.


    1. That is a great way! I have a lot of eco products waiting for to be shared in my home country – just wondering when we will be able to travel. For some reason it is so difficult to find presents for adults, so a new perspective creates more opportunities also with that problem.

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