Help the Earth with Laundry Sheets!

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Laundry, weirdly satisfying but endless household task. Washing clothes and textiles includes many touchpoints, where we can choose better for the Earth and the future. This time the focus is on the detergent.

Laundry has a massive environmental impact – in North-America alone, we wash over 30 billion loads of laundry annually. As a consequence, 700 000 000 empty plastic detergent jugs end up in the landfills and oceans, or they get incinerated. That is just crazy and totally unnecessary.

Laundry sheets (detergent sheets) are my new favorite! The idea is that the detergent has been compressed/concentrated into a piece of a thick sheet which dissolves in the washing machine. If we think about the liquid detergents, we are shipping and packing a lot of water and that increases transportation emissions enormously! These sheets are much lighter and they need remarkably less space.

The three brands I have tested are all packed without plastic, and they take so little room to store that I could organize my laundry area again! Packages are compostable, biodegradable and/or recyclable. All of the brands have perfume-free and scented options. Personally, I always prefer scent-free, but even the perfumed ones have not been too strong for us. The sheets have fully dissolved in any temperatures I have used, and what is most important, they have gotten rid of the stains!

Sheets Laundry Club
This company is from the USA, and by this August, all its products are manufactured in the States. At the moment they ship only to the USA but have plans to extend to Europe. These sheets are vegan and gluten-free. Their way to pack their products takes a bit more space than the two other brands’ I have tested. The Sheets Laundry Club offers some other products, ie. dryer sheets, extra scents as well as the kitchen- and self-care products. At the moment my own subscription is from this company. I chose an option to get my delivery every two months to avoid monthly transportations.

Sheets Laundry Club is from the USA, Earth Breeze is Canadian.

Earth Breeze
This one is a Canadian company. The sheets are “Made in China” for now but they have plans to manufacture in each major country that they sell in. The shipping is free so we just made an order to Finland and are excited to see how long the delivery takes. Their laundry sheets are vegan, and the scented version has a mild, pleasant odor, like birch leaves in the springtime. With the subscription, you can choose to receive the delivery every 1-4 months or just purchase for a month or a year at once.

Laundry strips washed the white sheets shiny clean. Zero plastic-waste, compostable and space saving packaging, and no unnecessary weight from bottled water in the product.
Tru Earth did its job well!

Tru Earth
Another Canadian Company, but it also manufactures in Canada! Their strips are vegan and free of gluten and palm oil. Shipping is free, and they do ship outside North-America. Delivering did not work to Finland yet but hopefully, it will in the future. Tru Earth offers other additional products for laundry, kitchen, and personal hygiene.

You can order TruEarth from EarthHero (with a lower price). Coupon FORTHEEARTHANDUS gives you 10% discount

If you are looking for an easy but effective step to take for the Earth and our children’s future, laundry sheets are a great option to choose from. Not difficult, expensive, or time-consuming – absolutely worth trying!


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