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Many of us wish to be greener because we are painfully aware of what is happening around us. We read and hear about climate change and fossil fuels, and we are shocked about the pictures of the plastic piles covering the land, polluting the oceans, and suffocating marine mammals and birds. However, our everyday living goods and essentials seem to be created of plastic only, so it is almost impossible to avoid it. We readily feel that there is no time to explore the alternatives and change already working routines.

As my family is going greener step by step, I have found some excellent options to replace some everyday supplies, routines, and habits. Everyone can do something to support our planet and our future generations, and it does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. I hope I will be able to give you some excellent options ready for use – something for everyone! While you enjoy following the blog and reading the reviews, I bet you will find all these alternatives and possibilities thrilling!

Featured image: PIRO4D Pixabaystä

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