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Are you concerned about what is happening to our planet? Do you worry, what kind of future your child will have if the environmental problems only increase?

You are not alone with your thoughts. And you are right with your worries.

Is this You?

The human population will keep growing. It has been estimated that by 2100 there will be 10.9 billion people on Earth. Our children and their children will be fighting over their living space. Imagine the number of climate migrants during the coming decades when global warming, rising sea level, and lack of land will force people to flee. We use a major part of the land that’s left to grow food – not vegetables but meat – for all these people. Inequality will increase, and tensions will arise. How many species – animals and plants- will be extinct in the coming decades? The scary estimate is one-third of them all.

Why does it feel like we should take more action with this matter, but nothing happens? Perhaps you want to improve the situation but are not sure how – would it even help? What will the next generations think of us when they know that we and our previous generations could have prevented this from happening?

Taking care of the Earth is our opportunity to protect the future of our children. It will help all the vulnerable ones and reduces suffering. We are not powerless in front of what is happening, so it is not time to sink into despair. Let’s spread the word and support and take action for the Earth and Us!

Blue Ocean, Green Forests, and Healthy Soil will brighten the Future

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